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Discussion Guidelines

1) All messages ARE moderated. We reserve the right NOT to post a message for any reason.

2) You must register for the site ( with a valid email address to post a message on the message board.

3) Post messages in the appropriate category. Posts in the wrong section will be deleted. This site is not for commercial or advertising purposes. If you are promoting an event or service, it will not be posted to the message board. BASS Cartel has a members discount area and if you would like to market yourself or your services/products, please email with a description of your business and what type of deal/discount you would like to offer our members in exchange for it being listed on the site.

4) Please do not put personal information in your posts. Personal information can include email address, phone number, etc.. We will not post a message that includes a HOME address unless it is an apartment listing. By posting a message, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use, listed in the link on the front page of the BASS Cartel site ( We reserve the right to edit posts to remove personal information.

5) Political or religious view related postings are not allowed - no exceptions.

6) Any posts that appear to be abusive, hateful or discriminatory in nature will not be posted to the message board.

7) Profanity is not allowed in posts - no exceptions.

8) The discussion forum is for use by BASS Cartel members for BASS Cartel events. Do not post here to promote other social club events as they won't get posted. This forum is to be used specifically by officers of BASS Cartel, BASS members and volunteer member coordinators organizing events specifically for the BASS Cartel member base and their guest(s).

9) BASS Cartel takes no responsibility for accuracy of any information posted on the messageboard. If you attend an event listed on the message board, BASS Cartel assumes NO Liability as a result of any injury (including death) sustained as a result of attending a BASS Cartel event or an event listed on the messageboard. By attending the event, you are taking full responsibility for your health and personal welfare. Be safe and use sensible precautions! Meet people in a public place. BASS Cartel does not endorse the consumption of alcoholic beverages, regardless of the location of event. If you attend an event with alcohol, please drink responsibly. If you drink, please make sure you have a designated driver. We aren't necessarily concerned about your safety if you drive while intoxicated, but the safety of other responsible people in cars that share the road with you.

10) Do not post any pornographic reference - whether it be language, content or websites.

11) You may not post content that is harmful to minors.

12) You may not post content that is obscene, otherwise objectionable, or in violation of federal or state laws.

13) You may not harass, abuse, threaten, or advocate violence against other members or individuals or groups.

14) You may not post content which infringes the intellectual property, privacy or other rights of third parties.

15) Attachments are not accepted for posting.

16) The BASS Cartel officers ask that members report complaints regarding anything related to the messageboard to

A violation of any of the above policies regarding the messageboard will result in the termination of your subscription account with BASS Cartel and you will be banned from attending any future BASS Cartel event, or participating in a BASS Cartel league.