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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the Bay Area Social and Sport Cartel?
  • What can I expect from this club?
  • How can I help?
  • What is your Marketing/SPAM Policy?
  • Who manages the club?

  • What is the Bay Area Social and Sport Cartel?
    This club started June 15, 2001. The club is comprised primarily of San Francisco/Bay area diverse professionals (21+) who share a common interest in meeting other people for networking, sporting events, organized sports leagues/tournaments, restaurant hopping, clubbing, biking, hiking, movies, golf, wine tasting, volunteering, travel, etc..... Singles/couples welcome! (top)

    What can I expect from this club?
    Organized sport leagues/tournaments and social events! You will meet many people from the bay area in the same age range as you with very similar interests. Hopefully, you will meet some new people who will introduce you to new activities. (top)

    How can I help?
    Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer! The best way to ensure an activity happens is to volunteer to lead one. Contact if you'd like to volunteer an event. This is crucial if an officer of the club won't be present at a particular event. We are actively looking for volunteers for basketball leagues, hockey leagues, hiking, biking, and theatre/movies. We are also in need of volunteers outside the city of San Francisco so we can offer more events in the rest of the bay area. To add an event, please list date, time, location, cost (if any) per person, and any other pertinent information regarding the activity. (top)

    What is your marketing/SPAM policy?
    We understand that many of you may be business owners and want to market yourself or your services. Email us the details of your business/services, and we may introduce it to our members (especially if you offer club members a discount). We will not tolerate people coming to events in an attempt to recruit new customers or members for their own clubs. These members will be banned from the club and all future social activities (all of our events require an invite via our mail list). Our members will decide when/where they want to be contacted and by whom. The discussion forum is where we exchange information and all messages are moderated. We ask members to send any SPAM or offensive material to Derrick at (top)

    Who manages the club?
    Derrick -, and Tricia - (top)