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Social and Sport Cartel REFUND policy

Unless otherwise specified, there are NO refunds for any Social and Sport Cartel event or activity. The individual is responsible to find a replacement person to take his or her slot and handle payment on their own terms.

Documentation (on web or via email) regarding each event, league, or tournament will specify whether or not refunds will be available.

Social and Sport Cartel leagues and tournaments are viable and will operate with a minimum of four (4) teams per league. Upon becoming viable, there are no refunds.

If a league, tournament or social event does not become viable, full refunds will be given if team, group or individual does not want to, or can not, be placed in another Social and Sport Cartel operation. Times and locations are as listed. However, Social and Sport Cartel reserves the right to change specific locations and operating times as necessary due to any required scheduling changes either on a weekly or seasonal basis.

Social and Sport Cartel reserves the right to shorten any league, tournament or social event without refund or credit due to weather cancellations or lack of interest from participants.

Independent registrants placed in any of their listed choices are not eligible for any refunds. An independent registrant who can not complete their season due to change in personal commitment or injury must notify Social and Sport Cartel in writing within 1 week of the start date for future league credit-no refunds will be provided.

Any player who blows off 2 or more games in a season will automatically be removed from a roster and not be given a refund. We keep rosters tight and need players to commit to their captain PRIOR to the game if they will be at the game or not. If you do not contact your captain prior to the game, and do not show up, it leaves the team short and scrambling for players. If you forewarn your captain about absences, it makes it easier to find a substitute. If you do not contact your captain, and simply don't show up, on the second time, you will be removed from the roster. We have many players on a "wait list" willing to play in the season with the team.

Any discount programs being offered may not be combined.

All Social and Sport Cartel sport leagues, tournaments, classes and clinics have a minimum age requirement of 21 years old. All Social and Sport Cartel social events have a minimum age requirement of 21 years old. Social and Sport Cartel reserves the right to ask for proof of age PRIOR to the start of a season. New captains and individual registrants may be contacted regarding requested skill level. Social and Sport Cartel reserves the right to refuse any individual or team without explanation.

Upon registration, Social and Sport Cartel league rules and regulations are to be followed by any and all team members and individuals. All participants of each Social and Sport Cartel league or event must sign a waiver of liability to participate. Failure or refusal to waive liability will result in non-participation for that individual and will void any refund or future credit. Detailed rules and league regulations are available on-line and in writing upon request. Failure to abide by Social and Sport Cartel rules and regulations will result in forfeiture of league/event participation and void any refunds.

All questions and correspondences should be sent to Social and Sport Cartel - PO Box 5167, South San Francisco, CA 94083 or call (415) 869-2885 M-F during regular business hours. Or contact us at

There are special conditions in which refunds will be given. All refunds will be given via Social and Sport Cartel check. You will need to provide us with your home mailing address or an address in which to mail the check to.

Social and Sports Events

1) Inclement weather prohibits the event from occurring on the established (written) date of the event or tournament. This applies to one or two day event/tournaments only. Events may be rescheduled, and members will have the option of attending the event on the new date or receiving a FULL refund.

2) The event is cancelled by Social and Sport Cartel. In the case that Social and Sport Cartel cancels an event, league or tournament ? for any reason ? full refunds will be given to paid participants. Social and Sport Cartel reserves the right to cancel an event for any reason and will notify participants within 48 hours of the event that it has been cancelled and the procedure of receiving a refund.

Social and Sport Cartel will not be responsible for items purchased by an individual for sole purpose of attending an event or league that ends up being cancelled. It is at the sole discretion of the participant to purchase any items (including athletic gear) to use at a Social and Sport Cartel event. The only refund that will be provided is for attendance or participation in the event or league.

All refunds, once approved and confirmed, will be mailed within 10 business days of event/league/tournament cancellation (or within 10 business days from the date the participant specifies the mailing address in which the refund will be sent).