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About Us

The Bay Area Social and Sport Cartel is one of the largest and fastest growing athletic and recreational organizations in the Bay Area. The BASS Cartel offers CO-ED sports leagues/tournaments for individuals, corporations, and other groups. Our offerings include Volleyball, Basketball (men's), Softball, Golf and Bowling, including a number of tournaments throughout the year.

Join the BASS Cartel and experience the best in organized leagues. All you have to do is show up ready to play and let us do the rest!

In addition, BASS also organizes socially-minded activities such as Nightclub Tours, Wine Tasting, Sailing Charters, Whitewater Rafting and much more. We try and offer a variety of fun events for everyone.

If you want to meet new people in their 20's all the way up to their 60's, this is the place for you. We welcome member participation and encourage member organized events. Please join our mail list to stay updated on our latest sports leagues and social activities.

Derrick Chu - President/Chief Financial Officer/Co-Founder
Derrick is one of the co-founders of the Bay Area Social and Sport Cartel and serves as President and CFO. Prior to BASS, Derrick was a Telecommunications Trading Manager at RateXchange. Prior to that he was an Investor Relations Consultant and also High Technology Financial Analyst at Bank of America. Mr. Chu received his BA in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University.

Derrick enjoys golfing, snowing skiing, and playing water-polo. In addition, he participates in volunteer work with children and is nationally certified Emergency Medical Technician.

Please forward all legal matters and questions to Derrick Chu.

Tricia Mueller - Director of Customer Operations
Tricia serves as Director of Customer Operations with eight years of experience at EMC and IBM in customer service, managing accounts, projects, and technical staff.

John Toton - Director of Technology
John serves as Director of Technology creating leading edge applications forthe BASS Cartel. John is an Independent Consultant specializing in web design. He received his BA from Reed College in Portland.